Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Yes we Khan!

I went to see Bat for Lashes (AKA Natasha Khan - apologies for the painful pun) play in Brighton last week, isn't she lovely?

Anyway, she was wearing the most perfect jumpsuit. It was navy blue cotton jersey with buttons up the front and she wore it with a beaten up brown belt which was, crucially, folded under (always a lovely touch and not at all I'm-so-skinny in my opinion). It stirred in me a clothing lust so furious, so all consuming, that I ventured outside of my usual e-tail routine.
ASOS had nothing, ditto Topshop. New Look - nadda. Urban Outfitters? not a sausage. Ebay's interpretation of 'jersey jumpsuit' was a little fruitier than I had in mind.
So my search eventually took me to the wide open plains of google, and then to the online retail oasis of boohoo.com
Did anyone know about this? It's like the online Primark - imagine it! The fruits of my labours can be found here:
Do have a look at the rest of the site, browsing is a bit of an effort, but totally worth it for the prices.
The fabled jumpsuit is waiting at the sorting office as we speak - I have many, many outfit ideas - stay tuned!

EDIT: Boo and indeed, hoo.com - the jumpsuit arrived and it was too big! The quest continues!

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  1. So jealous I missed this gig! Her outfit sounds great... not a fan of jumpsuits on the whole but if you can pull them off - like I imagine you and her can - then why not go for it! Had heard of boohoo but when I last looked it was all trashy dresses and stuff, looks like it's moved on a bit since then! Make sure you post pics of your new outfit :D x