Friday, 10 April 2009

My Favourite Things

Mango sunglasses Hey there foxy lady. These give a gallic, too-cool-for-school edge to whatever I wear them with - magic!

Aldo ankle boots At Last, my love has come along. These were the fruits of my labours in a long quest for fierce ankle boots without an unreasonable heel. Scuffed from too much love, they are the proverbial thrill that I can speak to, a thrill that I-I-I have never known. Life is truly like a song.

Photo wall next to my bed, with pictures of family members, ex-dogs (RIP Reginald Sage O'Neill) and assorted pictures. It's a work in progress and I'm always looking out for frames to add to my collection.

YSL ring a present from my lovely boyfriend, I've put the ring on a chain with a little acrylic pearl not in a sick-making Carrie Bradshaw 'it's closer to my heart that way' way, but because it is such a wide little monster that it rubs my finger if I try to type in it. Best to wear it round my neck most days, and on my finger when the occasion calls for nothing more dexterous than holding a champagne glass.

Silver bangles a little tarnished from over-wear, but I think that adds to their charm, non?

Casio watch another present from my darling boyfriend, I wear this bad boy every day. It's just the right amount of masculine for me, and the colour level of the gold is gorgeous and so old fashioned - it makes me feel like the third Olsen.

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  1. I love your wall of photos in different frames! I'm planning on doing something similar when I ~eventually~ move out.

    Also love all your amazing stuff! Jealous much! hehe x