Saturday, 4 July 2009

Glastonbury Fashion Round-up

I went to Glastonbury - it was lots of fun. There were the inevitable fairy wings and tutus for the 'zanier' attendees, and a few interesting sartorial choices.
Overall, it struck me as infinitely less fashiony than say, Reading festival. Perhaps with the run of rainy Junes everyone was feeling a little bit practical.

These were the ubiquitous looks of the festival, courtesy of

The credit (or blame?) for high-waisted shorts and belly buttons' popularity rests, in my opinion, solely on the shoulders of Rumi of - her sexy 90's aesthetic has influenced designers and street style alike - if you didn't bring a crop-top to Glasto, you sure as hell had your t-shirt knotted by Saturday afternoon.

Playsuits at festivals perplex me. I did it once - on a day ticket to Reading, which had not been thought through at all. We started drinking at 9am on the train, I didn't think to pack loo roll and I wore a playsuit. It wasn't until I reached the front of the queue to the long-drops that I realised all three were mistakes...
They do look ultra cute though, perhaps this girl knows the secret to a positive porta-playsuit experience...

The Celebs, images courtesy of

Trust Natasha Khan to put on a show, she's ever so magical. I picked Ladyhawke out of a difficult timetable clash, but caught a bit of the Bat en route to the tent afterwards. The knickers and tights silhouette is terribly Gaga, but I think 'Tash pulls it off, don't you?

Florence was so good I cried when she did Candi Stanton's You've Got the Love. Perhaps it was too much cider and missing the boyfriend? Either way, she was amazing. She was scaling the scaffolding in her 5 inch heels, wailing like a banshee. I can't believe her album isn't even out yet - everyone was signing along and every song was followed by the standing-room-only equivalent of a standing ovation.

Her outfit was designed exclusively for her by Topshop, and didn't they do well? I spy Gaga knickers again - perhaps they are the secret to these girls' success...

And so to the lady herself. I must admit I gave Gaga a miss. I'm not really a fan, and she seems like the most cynical marketing invention since VV Brown ... but she is one of the most interesting dressers around at the moment. It must be exhausting for her.