Friday, 1 October 2010

Highstreet finds

I thought I'd try something a little new for the blog. As I've been trawling onlines shops recently for some key A/W items to see me through the next few months, I've come across some great items heavilly influenced by high-end brands but at a highstreet price. Don't worry, I'm not turning into Look magazine - I just thought I'd share some of my finds . . .

.:* Burberry or bust *:.

Like these Burberry bad-boys (ABOVE)? That'll be your entire life savings please. But wait! Why not try these New Look replicas (BELOW) that won't break your bank balance and that you won't be so bothered about getting soaked on England's puddle drenched streets this A/W.

.:* Prom prom prom *:.

Can't afford one of Prada's gorgeous prom dresses? These two (ABOVE and BELOW) come in a similar vein but with a more affordable price tag. Both are from the wonderful Warehouse.

.:* Saddle up *:.

Chloe's saddle bag (ABOVE) wreaks of the 70s revival that's wafting up from under the floorboards this season and is set to burst through like a well-manicured zombie hand next Spring/Summer. Some trends just don't stay buried... so embrace the 70s early by grabbing this Chloe-esque saddle bag (BELOW) from Warehouse and be ahead of the game. (It's a more attractive colour IRL. Just sayin')
.:* Pirate footware *:.
These Vivienne Westwood pirate boots (ABOVE) have been popular for several years now, but if you don't want to sell your house to buy some boots, why not pop into your local Peacocks and grab yourself a pair of these very-Vivienne-esque boots (BELOW) at a very reasonable price.

That's all for now. I hope someone out there found that useful!
Ps. Shoegazer Fashion's main contributor Poppy has recently had a gorgeous baby girl who is keeping her very busy so I (Claire, from the main Shoegazer blog) will be posting here for the foreseeable future. For now I'd just like to say a huge congratulations to Poppy! x

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