Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Go with the Flo

Last night I went to see Florence and the Machine with Claire of Shoegazer fame (
This is what I wore:
Muu Baa jacket, Paul's Boutique bag, Topshop vest and belt, Miss Selfridge skirt, Primark sandals
This is what Florence wore:

You can't see the dress very well, so I will elaborate. It was navy blue, and could have been a Debenhams prom dress if it weren't for the saving grace of two chunky chain things going under her breasticles and around like a waistcoat. They made the dress interesting and stylish - I'm sure it would be a very easy customising project too...
The girl herself is a nutter - she reminds me of Boudicca and Lady MacBeth, she signs so loud and so passionately. It really is a wonder people like Lily Allen are mentioned in the same breath as her. See Claire's blog for a proper music-centric review - me, I'm all about the surface!
The support band were really good too - the Golden Silvers, check them out!

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  1. great outfit! that sounds like fun :)